Eric, 18, Taiwan

It’s the best camp for real.
Right now I still couldn’t believe the camp was already over.
I mean, if I could stay in this pretty country I’d try my best to stay in here.
I thought I just came here only three more days, suddenly time flies, it has been fourteen days, Because of the ages, I’m not sure if I could apply this camp again or not. But seriously, I recommend you all guys if you don’t have any ideas where you wanna go, then ”POLAND” is the best option Furthermore, if your stomach has a frog, you can eat a horse, or you are such a gobbler then Polska is your best choice. Trust me, bigos, pierogi, kotlety schabowy, zurek, tomato soup, snacks, broccoli soup, chocolate are the best foods I’ve ever eaten ever.
Not only the foods, but also the great friends just gave me a perfect experience.
Thank Polska.
Do widzenia

Eric from Taiwan

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